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The Story of Stone Gate

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A Gift to The Community

In 1890, several families who lived in Pleasant Grove, Utah (in the area known as "Manila") worked together to save for, design, and build a small, three-room chapel in their community. The Old Manila Church was created through the sacrifice and love of a handful of families who shared a common vision of creating a special space in which to gather and worship. It has stood for over a century as a landmark in the community, a place of gathering and worship, an edifice of service and love.

In 1937, the church was expanded by adding a rec hall onto the east side of the building. In 1964, it underwent another major renovation to add more rooms and a larger rec hall. In 2007, the church was sold and stood abandoned for three years until it was sold to Randy and Vickie Bott. They, together with their family, worked hard for a year to turn this beloved building into an events center. Vickie used to say "Remodeling The Old Manila Church was a lot like giving a grand, old lady a new dress." In 2015, their oldest daughter and her husband (Matt and Jennie Johnson) purchased the building and continue to hold several weddings and events each year. In 2022, they celebrated their 1000th event.

This beautiful building continues on as a space of gathering with our mission to:


"Honor the Past, Enrich the Present, and Inspire the Future."

Nestled in the heart of Utah County, Stone Gate continues to stand as an exquisite place of gathering and celebration. From the charm and simple elegance of the original chapel to the grandeur and mirrored archways of The Grand Ballroom, from the rustic majesty of the dark brick Great Hall, draped in twinkle-lit sheers to the sweeping grounds surrounding the building and carried down into The Hidden Grove, we are certain that you will find a perfect spot for your event. We invite you to come in and explore this special space to see if Stone Gate is a great fit for you.

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