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     If Stone Gate is fully booked on the date you are looking for or should you wish to hold your event at a different location, Stone Gate is pleased to offer many of our furnishings and amenities through Stone Gate Rentals. 

     You will meet with one of our expert wedding designers to help you lay out your event space, timeline and floorplan.

We have several options and packages to help you tailor your event just how you would like. We also have varying levels of Stone Gate involvement ranging from where we take the lead on your wedding planning, set-up and décor to where we merely rent the items you will need for you to make your event look stunning. 

     From tables, chairs and dancefloors to luxury linens, dishes and fine centerpieces, let Stone Gate Rentals help bring the simple elegance and sophistication of Stone Gate to your indoor or outdoor event location.

Give us a call at 801-995-9996 to set up a time to come in to discuss all of these options.

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